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  • When i was a child I was afraid of ghosts as I grew up I realized people are more scary..
  • The name ‘hump day’ is disappointingly misleading. It’s already past lunchtime & I haven’t been humped once!
  • Welcome to Wednesday also known as Hump Day! So Hump or Be Humped! The choice is yours.
  • People call Wednesday "Hump Day", I call this false advertisement !
  • Have a beautiful, loving, breathtaking, passionate Wednesday my genuine friends and family!! Love you!
  • Wednesday is God’s way of giving us hope. We survived the beginning of the week, and can hope to make it to the end.
  • If I stand on my tippy toes i can see the weekend from here! OMG YAY!I can not wait…oh its Wednesday…
  • It’s mid week and I still have the Monday syndrome going…
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