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Sad Status in your whatsapp profile or facebook profile can easily express your sadness and show your sad feelings. Everyone feel sad at times. If you cannot figure why you feel sad, it is very hard to get rid of that feeling. You can relate your feelings with these sad status. To feel sad because the person whom you love most has moved away. One can’t express our sadness into the words. Most of the people buried their sadness into their heart and feeling depression. We don’t have a life too long, to be depressed and keep our feelings to our self. We must spoke out, talk to someone and get rid of misery and sadness.

sad status

  • Never hurt people who love you a lot, because they won’t hurt you back. But they’ll probably have no choice but to leave you forever…
  • Don’t expect me to tell you what you did wrong. If you can’t figure it out yourself, then you are not ready to correct it,cos you did not know it was a mistake.
  • I preferred walking away than fighting for you not because you were not worth fighting for but because you never asked me to stay…
  • Moving forward in life isn’t the hard part, it’s leaving behind someone, you thought was meant to move forward with you 🙁 🙁
  • Never cry for anyone in your life, because those you cry for don’t deserve your tears and those who are deserving will never let you cry.
  • Seven billion people on this planet and I have 2 friends
  • I know you won’t come back but my heart will take life long time to accept this.
  • When you are in a habit to talk someone daily, a day without talking to them feels like a year passed
  • Value the person when they are alive don’t cry for them when they are dead.
  • A magic of songs and sound, When you are happy you just listen the song, but when you are sad you understand the song…
  • Behind every flirty boy there is a girl who left him alone with no reasons!!
  • I don’t get tired of loving you. I just get tired of waiting, assuming, hearing lies, saying sorry and getting hurt.
  • The hardest thing to do is watch the person you love, love someone else.
  • I will never stop caring, but if you decide to push me away, I will go.
  • It hurts when you have someone in your heart but can’t have in your arms….

Sad Status for Life

Sometimes we’re sad inside and want to express our feelings but we don’t find perfect words to explain our sadness. We list these very sad status for those who can’t explain or convey their feelings.

  • The more you show your true feelings, the more people find ways to hurt you.
  • It’s amazing how someone break your heart but you still love them with all little broken pieces.
  • To the less fortunate… life is nothing but a tragedy
  • 204 countries, 805 Islands, 7 seas, 7+ Billion people and I’m single!!!
  • It’s sad when you realize you aren’t as important to someone as you thought you were..
  • Some battles have to be fought alone,Some paths have to be crossed alone, so never be emotionally attached with anyone you never know when you have to walk alone.
  • Keep smiling… And one day life will become tired of upsetting you
  • Never become a daughter of a house where there’s no mother 🙁
  • One of the biggest mistakes I’ve ever made was expecting my happiness from others !!
  • The person who once topped the inbox, now flashes in “people you may know.”.!!
  • Everybody’s online, except the one I actually want too.

Feeling Very Sad Status for Facebook

Sometimes we feeling very sad without knowing why. We feeling low because of disappointment, breakup or something bad we experienced. These hard feelings can’t be understood by others. In this low phase one can search very sad status for their social profiles to show how one is broken deep inside. We compiled this best short sad status list to help those who search for sad status.

  • I take words very seriously, and it breaks my heart when I find out that people don’t actually mean what they say.
  • That sad moment when you realize your childhood is over. 🙁
  • Life seems to be running on a road without any shelter, without any sign board & without any destination. 🙁
  • Sometimes your voice is the medicine to all my diseases.
  • The worst feeling in the world is knowing that u r no longer that important as u were. 🙁
  • Its very eassy to say BUSSY when Someone needs you…But…. Its very hard to hear BUSSY when you need someone !!!
  • You don’t realise how lonely you r until it’s the end of the day and you have a bunch of things to talk about,but no one to Listen !!!
  • Behind my smile is everything you’ll never understand.
  • No Matter How Hard I Try, No Matter How Many Relationships I Get Into…. It Will Never Replace The One I Just Lost.
  • I remember the way u used to look at me … and now, I notice the way u ignore me…
  • The most painful goodbyes are the ones that never said and never explained.

Sad Status for Whatsapp

  • Never expect things to happen. Its better to feel surprised,than to feel disappointed
  • I don’t understand why I still cry for you when you don’t even think about me
  • Sometimes it’t not the song that makes you emotional… it’s the people and things that come to your mind when you hear it.
  • I hate how we went from being strangers, to friends, to close friends, to almost sumthing more, to nothing 🙁
  • I don’t think you know what you are doing to me.
  • Me and She makes best couple, but her dad always create trouble 🙁
  • If I had one single wish… I would go back to the moment we kissed 🙁
  • Sadness is when “last seen at” changes to “Online” & again to “last seen at” without reply
  • If distance is a solution to reduce complications… I want to maintain this distance for eternity 🙁
  • Tears are the last gift of TRUE LOVE…..
  • Tired of making fake smile.
  • I didn’t want to be the one to forget.

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