Rude Status | Hate & Rude Status for Whatsapp

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Rude Status for Facebook & Whatsapp Profiles.
When someone keep annoying us , it makes us behave rude. But we have not the appropriate lines to show our rudeness, now days if person is not in good mood then he or she simply post a rude status on his/ her profile to get rid of their frustration. For this you can use our best rude status collection and post on your social media platforms. Get rude Quotes and rude status and feel free to post on your facebook and whatsapp profiles and feel light.
rude status

  • When life give u lemons, squeeze it in people’s eyes ….
  • I’m take a nice long shit, so don’t stress me !
  • Don’t disturb me, I am disturbed enough already.
  • Please don’t interrupt me while I’m ignoring you
  • Stop letting the world change you. Be yourself and change the world.
  • Just when I think things are looking up, here comes the Fuck up Fairy again. Why can’t things go right for a change?
  • Looking at the past, yeah…Alot of it hurt but you know it only made me stronger.
  • You talk behind my back only because you are afraid to say things to my face.

Rude Status for Whatsapp & Fb

  • why does no one ever want to talk in an elevator?
  • What you heard is not what I said. Listen better next time.
  • Think again before you assume, And next time don’t be so quick to judge. You’ll never know what it’s like to be in my shoes.
  • is wishing that SOME people would understand that: IT’S NOT ALL ABOUT YOU!!
  • Go ahead and ignore me,..I can play that game too, and I’m probably better at it than you are…
  • No time for disrespectful, immature, selfish individuals!

Best Rude Status

  • Ever notice its those people saying they hate drama that start it? It doesn’t make sense to me.
  • is wondering if certain people have to work to be annoying or if it just comes naturally
  • The people that work hard don’t get the credit.The people that just do nothing get everything.
  • There are a few people out there who are just like trees; they take forever to grow up.
  • ugh. your so fake i bet if you look at the bottom of your foot it say made in china
  • Life is to short to let other people get to you, If they can’t handle who I am then I don’t need them in my life!

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