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  • You can count the stars You can count the sands of the sea But you can not count the love that I have for you.
  • If I had a flower for every time I was thinking of you… I could walk forever in my garden.
  • Yesterday I sent an angel to go and look after you but she came back and said an angel cannot look after an angel.
  • A part of you has grown in me So you see… it is me and you together forever Never apart… Maybe in distance but never in heart.
  • It is not that I am afraid to die… it is that if I die… I am afraid that no one will love you the way I do.
  • I would rather argue with you… than kiss someone else.
  • If the world is my oyster then you are my pearl.
  • I have nothing more to give you than my heart.
  • Look into my eyes and you will find me. Look into my heart and you will find you.
  • Everytime I close my eyes… I thank God that I have you….that someone like you….loves me too.
  • Being in love with you gives me strength. Being loved by you gives me courage.
  • Love waits for the right moment. My right moment is with you.
  • Dreams only last one night but love can last forever.
  • When you look into their eyes and you see the sun… then you know it is the ONE.
  • I wrote your name in the sand… but the waves washed it away. I wrote your name in my heart… and forever it will stay.
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