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  • Hard times will always reveal the real friends.
  • Be with a people who makes you happy and smile 🙂
  • I love how, when a girl goes from "Single" to "In a relationship." all these hoes add her boyfriend when they don’t even know him.
  • You’re AMAZING to me, I don’t care what anyone else says. I am so happy you came into my life
  • It’s better to not have a relationship at all than to have one that doesn’t have a future.
  • People ask me why my dog is my best friend. The answer is simple: the relationship I have with my dog isn’t a complicated one.
  • You’ve lost what you didn’t deserve, now suffer with what you do.
  • for once i don’t give a f**k.. i am who i am and if you don’t like it.. run along..
  • there once was a girl who laughed and loved and lived. Then she met you. Now all she can do is cry..
  • thinks some people’s relationship status should be "home-wrecker" in a relationship with a married man/woman
  • I flirt with other guys but your the only one that gives me butterflies.
  • If i give you my heart, don’t lose it. Because i don’t make spares.
  • FOREVER is the biggest lie ever..
  • People are not DIFFICULT. People are DIFFERENT. "If we understand this, we can save many Relationships in Life".
  • The pain of missing a lovable person is like a baby’s cry It knows for what it cries but doesn’t know to express it in words.
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