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  • Behind every great man there is a surprised woman.
  • Is it too early to be looking forward to Friday?
  • Dear Monday…No matter how many times you show up..or what you may bring, I still cant find it in my heart to like you.
  • if i were president, all Monday’s would be changed to crappy.
  • No note, no message, no warning… just gone, The weekend just up and disappeared and left me with a Monday!
  • Monday is the evil way of saying the weekend is over.
  • Monday’s wouldn’t be so bad, if I didn’t have to work them… Oh wait, I don’t .
  • Mondays, that day of the week when our brains take all day to reboot from all the weekend activities.
  • I am convinced God only created six days and the devil added Monday.
  • Why is Monday so far away from Friday, but Friday is so darn close to Monday!
  • In a perfect world there would be no Mondays.
  • If days were people, Monday would be the one person I’d punch in the face with boxing gloves made of dog shit .
  • Weapons loaded, body bags ready, coffee brewing, bring it on Monday, I’m ready…
  • Warning! Monday is here, I repeat, Monday is Here!! this is not a drill.
  • I used to despise Mondays. That is, until I became a mother of school-aged children.
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