Like If

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  • Like if your Bestfriends name starts with, A,B,D,J,L,S,V,Z
  • Like if you Throw your phone in anger? then check it if its still ok.
  • Like if: your name ALWAYS gets spelt wrong or mispronounced
  • Did you know it?s impossible to say ?Good Eye Might? without sounding Australian?
  • LIKE IF YOU Pretend to think hard when your teacher is looking at you..
  • My alarm clock is clearly jealous of my amazing relationship with my bed
  • Like if you Pull out your phone in public.. so you don`t look like a loner.
  • Like if you walk into a room, forget what you need, walk out, and then remember.
  • Like if you end up laughing when you pretend to be asleep.
  • LIKE IF: I like saying "I love you too" when someone says "I hate you."
  • When your mom asks you to do something and you say "Ok" but end up never doing it. "Like if its true"
  • LIKE if you have like 50 t-shirts but you only wear 7 of them and complain that you have no clothes
  • Like if You check your mobile phone first after waking up in the morning.
  • Like If Come late to the class and push your friend to go in first.
  • Think of a number. Double it. Add six. Half it. Take away the number you started with. Your answer is three. Like If I am Right
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