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Life is beautiful. Also it has problems, that should be faced by human with courage. Happiness, grief are the two sides of the coin. Life is full of moments of joy, success. We have created an amazing list of Life Status that describes life in beautiful way. You can share these best life status with your friends , family and also set as your’s whatsapp status. Where there is life, there is hope and we hope you like our collection of short life quotes and unique life status for whatsapp in english.

  • Say what you feel and never apologize for being real
  • being happy doesn’t mean every thing’s okay…it only means you’ve decide to see things beyond life’s imperfections…
  • As you grow up you learn that; promises can be broken as quickly as they were made & sometimes goodbyes are really for forever.
  • Wen u focus on problems, u will have more problems. When u focus on possibilities, u will have more opportunities.
  • Just remember that when life gets hard and you feel all alone, you mean the world to someone; and that someone calls you mom
  • God puts people in your life for a reason, and removes them from your life for a better reason.
  • Okay I admit, yes I’ve made mistakes but that’s because life doesn’t come with instructions. Let’s be real.
  • I take good care of other people’s feeling.. yet hurting my own..and in the end I am still being left ALONE..
  • The “ONLY” people I need in my life are the People that need me in theirs…Friends come an go…TRUE ones Stay…

100+ Best Life Status for Whatsapp

  • Sometimes when you have doubt you have to just hold on and have faith in the choices you’ve made
  • I may not have everything I want in life but I’m blessed enough to have all that I need!
  • Sometimes the hardest person to face, is the one staring back at you from your mirror.
  • Sometimes the things we feel we need the most, are those that destroy our heart and soul!
  • When we can’t laugh again and again on the same joke… there’s no point crying again and again for the same pain.

Best Life Status

  • Every achievement requires a sacrifice & every sacrifice only makes the achievement that much better.
  • When you get tired of reading the same story over and over, write a new chapter yourself.
  • The reason we cry is because sometimes words are just not enough to tell our life story..
  • Life isn’t about getting what you want. It’s actually about making the most out of what you have.
  • Do not live your life with full of WHAT IF’s. rather, live your life with full of WHY NOT’s…
  • The path you walk in life is unique. No one walks that road better than yourself. For you alone rule your own destiny.

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