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Life is beautiful. Also it has problems, that should be faced by human with courage. Happiness, grief are the two sides of the coin. Life is full of moments of joy, success. We have created an amazing list of Life Status that describes life in beautiful way. You can share these best life status with your friends , family and also set as your’s whatsapp status. Where there is life, there is hope and we hope you like our collection of short life quotes and unique life status for whatsapp in english.

  • Lately I’ve been thinking; my life would be better without certain people: if I’m suddenly mad at you then you may be one of them.
  • When I do things for others, it’s because I WANT to! It’s not because there’s something in it for me to gain!
  • Angels have walked beside me all my life & they still do… These angels are my kids…
  • Always try to be an angel in someones life!
  • …never except less, wen u could have so much more!
  • people who try to steal other people’s happiness, never had any of their own to start with, and would be much happier if they did!
  • Age is just a number that indicates how long someone has lived. It doesn’t define us unless we allow it to.
  • have you ever been afraid to take that first step when all you wanna do is move forward
  • Sometimes the best advice to take is the advice you give to others.

100+ Best Life Status for Whatsapp

  • test rewards in life come from doing the t
  • Everyday seems like a new adventure lately. Good or bad, bring it on!
  • I can handle the ups and downs of the roller coaster we call life. It’s the freaking corners that get me!
  • I accomplished absolutely nothing today…I love it when I accomplish what i set out to do!
  • Isn’t it funny that no matter how many good things we do, some people just remember us for the mistakes we have made?

Best Life Status

  • Intentions don’t matter, actions matter. What’s inside makes no difference until we do something with it.
  • Choose your actions carefully, for they may not only change your life, they change other’s lives too.
  • if you have made someone smile today you have accomplished something great
  • Why is it that the ones you do the most for are usually the ones that treat you the worst
  • If people spent their time accepting instead of judging, this world would be at least a million times better.
  • .. if you always live life according to what is “expected” of you or for everyone else .. who will be living for you
  • My kindness, my ability to love and care aren’t weaknesses, and anyone who thinks they are, don’t deserve to be a part of my life.

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