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Life is beautiful. Also it has problems, that should be faced by human with courage. Happiness, grief are the two sides of the coin. Life is full of moments of joy, success. We have created an amazing list of Life Status that describes life in beautiful way. You can share these best life status with your friends , family and also set as your’s whatsapp status. Where there is life, there is hope and we hope you like our collection of short life quotes and unique life status for whatsapp in english.

  • I just want a person to come into my life and make me say Wow! instead of Why?
  • Knows that there are only three simple life goals: Feel good, have fun, & be happy! That’s what it’s all about! 🙂
  • Learn by mistakes. Live from regrets. Forgive with love. Smile for every pain. Be thankful for every day.
  • A smile is one of life’s biggest lies. No one knows if its genuine and no one knows the truth that lies behind it.
  • We often wish for more, without realizing that life’s most precious treasures, are often within the palms of our hands.
  • Before you judge me you better make sure your perfect.
  • Haters will broadcast your failure, but whisper your success..
  • A real friend is not the person who`s nice to your face. It`s the person who`s nice to you behind your back. ♥ ♥
  • when life throws you stones.. pick them up n launch them at the bastards who make things difficult!

100+ Best Life Status for Whatsapp

  • Don’t u just hate it when u do so much for everyone in your life but when it’s your day nobody is there for you!!
  • You can not always wait for the right moment, you simply create it
  • If fate presents you lemons, make lemonade out of it
  • The richest man in the world – this is not the one who more than anyone else has, but the one who needs the least
  • Happiness is not to always do what you want, and to always want what you do

Best Life Status

  • Life is too precious a thing to spend it on your CEO. So let them work for yourself
  • Be honest with the people who love you, they deserve your honesty.
  • We may not have the power to choose where we come from, but we can choose where we go from there.
  • You will always meet problems in life. If you can handle it well, it will make you stronger.
  • People can?t change the truth but the truth can change people.
  • Sex? No thanks. My life fucks me everyday.

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