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  • Its better to alone than to be with loosers…….
  • Good with the knife , Bad with the wife
  • All men are not fools, there are still some bachelors.
  • I slipped on a banana peel and I fell in love with the person who helped me up.
  • If my animals don’t like you, I don’t like you.
  • You once were strong, invincible and unbreakable. Now, you’re weak-minded and self-destructive, with no self-respect.
  • The fault of humans: Never appreciate what we have but when it is gone we realize how important it is
  • Its funny how people will talk bad about you to others to make them hate you so they can feel better about themselves.
  • All Men are Good! Either Good for Something or Good for Nothing!
  • That awkward moment when you insult someone in a status without using their name and they’re so clueless they like it.
  • An ostrich’s eye is bigger than its brain… yes i know a few people who suffer from the same affliction.
  • It’s better to keep your mouth shut and let people THINK you’re a fucking idiot, than to open your mouth and prove them right.
  • Some people shouldn’t judge others until they have looked at their own life’s and the mess they have made!
  • You hate me? so what I’m still living rent free in your mind loser!!
  • One day you are going to wake up and realize that you really are a jackass and the world does not revolve around you.
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