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We specially crafted Inspirational status or motivational quotes for our audience. Inspiration is something that makes someone to do something or to achieve something. In our bad mood we loose the hope , sometimes we give up , in that time if someone motivate us then we will fight again. Motivational quotes and Inspiration status helps us to fight against the invisible daemons. In our life span there is a time when we inspires by other thoughts. All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them. Here is the list of short Inspirational Status and motivational quotes.

  • Being KIND costs nothing, but means everything. It is the first thing I notice about people.
  • I have no intention on being the girl u want me to be! I’m going to be the woman I was raised to be!
  • just because you don’t hit me doesn’t mean you don’t abuse me everyday. why do you think I’m so depressed
  • Be strong ,trust only few, don’t back down,keep your guard up,and don’t ever ever give up.
  • she does not walk away because she has given up, it’s because she is a beautiful person and deserves better.
  • thinks that a man who raises her hands in anger, is no man at all!
  • The happiest people don’t always have the best of everything. They make the best of everything they have..

Inspirational Status & Quotes

  • When the world seems down, and no one seems to be around, just remember… there’s someone Up above.. looking down at U with Love.
  • Chase your dreams. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t or shouldn’t. Get up, get out and prove them wrong.
  • I don’t believe in failure, only delayed success.
  • There are two kinds of inspirational people. Some inspire you to be greater than you are and some inspire you not to be like them.

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  • You’ll never be able to spread your wings, if you’re too afraid to fly.
  • If you can’t decide soon where it is that you stand, I will have no choice but to stop waiting and start walking.
  • If you have been blessed with a heart of gold, then don’t let anyone take that away from u.
  • DON’T let the thoughts that come from your mind get in the way of the feelings that come from your heart.
  • If your not happy with life do something about it today. This is the only life you get.

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