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We specially crafted Inspirational status or motivational quotes for our audience. Inspiration is something that makes someone to do something or to achieve something. In our bad mood we loose the hope , sometimes we give up , in that time if someone motivate us then we will fight again. Motivational quotes and Inspiration status helps us to fight against the invisible daemons. In our life span there is a time when we inspires by other thoughts. All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them. Here is the list of short Inspirational Status and motivational quotes.

  • Sometimes the “ANSWER” is delayed so you can “learn” from the process.
  • Prayer is our greatest power because we are speaking to the ONE who already has the answer.
  • Stop looking for answers look for a solution. Just remember you may never get the answers you were looking for and accept that.
  • You know what, Ive been real patient but i can only take so much. You need too make up your mind before you lose me for good.
  • Why can’t some people seem to realize when they are getting on your LAST NERVE, AND JUST BACK THE F#*% OFF???
  • I like how I’m supposed to take other people’s crap graciously but I’m not allowed to serve my own…
  • What kind of butler would I be if I can’t even catch one mouse? ~ Sebastian Black Butler

Inspirational Status & Quotes

  • I am not a dog owner my dogs are people owners
  • ~ How a person treats their pet is the true window to that person’s soul.
  • If you don’t want dog hair on you pants…stay off my coach. she lives here…you don’t!
  • Do you know how Zebras came into the world?? Well a white horse wanted to be a bad-ass so she got tattoos:)

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  • just because someone is quiet doesn’t mean they’re not going to do anything or not going to be strong enough to beat your ass
  • is about to SNAP! It would NOT be wise to get in my FUCKIN WAY!
  • care for the ones that deserve to be cared for and fuck the ones that ain’t worth your time…
  • May the Leprechauns be near you to spread luck along your way, And may all the Irish angels smile upon you on St Patty’s Day!

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