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  • TRUST…. Only a group of FiVe alphabets for ME……..
  • Life doesn’t always gives a second chance….treasure it..
  • Wish if I had a block option in my brain so that I would have blocked all your thoughts
  • Pretty words are not always true and true word are not always pretty♡
  • Karma is a bitch. And when the bitch barks, people complain about her being noisy…
  • I will never forget you, but I will try not to remember you again..
  • If You dont like me Get a map Drive to hell, Have a nice journey.
  • When I See Your FACE, The Middle Finger Raised n say FCK You ,,|,,
  • I Hate u Because I Love you, I Know You Love Me But your ego stopped You.
  • Its better to alone than to be with loosers…….
  • What I hate more than bullies are those that standby and do nothing!!
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