Good Night

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  • I wish I may..I wish I might..I wonder what I wish tonight..Hm-mm I wonder? Goodnight, sweet dreams
  • I’m off to the place where I’m always skinny and rich! Yes! Dreamland here I come!
  • Well good night one and all, hope tomorrow is a new BEAUTIFUL DAY FOR US ALL!..let it be blessed, love you all!
  • To all my friends and family: Good Night and Sweet Dream, if your not my friend or family then have a Bad Night and Nightmares
  • This status is being posted in advance… F#@% I hate mornings!!
  • Either my bed is calling my name or I’m hearing those voices again….
  • Got an appointment to see the back side of my eyes, be back around sunrise…
  • Good night all! if your lucky enough to dream about me tonight, congratulations. If not…don’t worry there’s always tomorrow.
  • Going to meet two old friends, Pillow and Blanket. They know me well and can ALWAYS make me feel better. GOOD NIGHT.
  • Good night whatsapp friends near and far. Praying you all have a restful night and a new blessing tomorrow.
  • Good Night all ! May the words of God dance in your ears and bring Joy to your hearts as you sleep tonight!
  • Good night moon, good night stars, good night you, wherever you are.
  • I’ve been waiting for this moment ever since I got up… good night!
  • I think my pillow needs some head…and my mattress needs some ass…so I think I am gonna go to bed…Good Night…
  • Got an appointment to see the back side of my eyes, be back around sunrise.
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