Friendship Status for Whatsapp, Friendship Day Status

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We have listed here the best and nicest Friendship status for Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Friends are not chosen by birth or blood, but our own choices and preferences. We make friends matching our thinking and whom we sent quality time with. Friendship status are a way to mark a gesture to all your friends. Love and affection attach us with others, and we are always looking for ways to show this. An easy way is to set up our whatsapp status or facebook status. Friendship day is globally celebrated on 1st Sunday of the August month to show our dosti. In 2019, this day is to be celebrated on August 4. Friendship day marks as the special day, we have to show our care for our friends. We can spend more time with them, send some nice gifts, set up a nice Friendship status on whatsapp, facebook. We present you some of the best dosti status chosen here:

friendship status

Nice friendship day status

  • No matter which way were look at our pasts, we always remember the ones who made an impact on who we are today.
  • Don’t you wish that memories had a play button, a stop button, and rewind button?
  • Have you ever felt like you are alone even when you are standing in a room full of people? Today is one of those days!
  • Friendships die out and pictures fade, but we will never forget the memories we’ve made.
  • If you call me friend, act like it all the time, not only when you want something that you think I might have.
  • I truly hope everything works out in the end, but you have to remember that friendship is a two way street not a one-way!!!

New Friendship Status and Quotes

  • When people you thought cared about you can’t seem to make time for you in their life, it’s time to just move on.
  • FRIENDS are often like flower gardens sometimes you have to weed them out!!!
  • A friend can say 1 simple thing and bring an instant smile to your face.
  • The only time you remember me, is when you need a backup friend because your fighting with your REAL best friend…
  • a friendship after a fight is like a road after a rain: Still strong in parts, but completely washed away in other parts.
  • The "ONLY" people I need in my life are the People that need me in theirs…Friends come an go…TRUE ones Stay…

Best whatsapp status for friends

  • Found that some friends were best left in the past because the memories of yesterday are nicer than the realities of today.
  • you are smirking because you think you know. – I am laughing because you have no idea !!
  • Here’s your chance, inbox me ANY question you’ve always wanted to know and I will answer back in complete honesty.
  • the meaning of a true friend to me; somebody that’s always understood, who’s always accepted me, who’s always cared.
  • There is always one person in a relationship who loves more, cares more, cries more, gets hurt most and even forgives more…
  • Falling in love is awesome, being loved is amazing. Knowing the one you love is your best friend… that’s priceless.
  • Trust is never compromised… it is a decision we make, and it is given to somebody who deserves it…
  • I miss the laughs we had, I miss the talks we had, I miss the good times we had, I miss the friend I had…
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