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  • a flirt is a cheat in waiting
  • [F]orget [L]ove [I]’d [R]ather [T]ease
  • Lives like he will never live again, Laughs like he has never laughed before, and Loves like there will never be another day
  • i am not a flirt, i am just a constant reminder of what you CANNOT HAVE 🙂
  • If someone is trying to impress you. one thing is sure that the person is already impressed by you.
  • When someone is flirting with you.. Please cooperate.
  • Just because I flirt with you doesn’t always mean I like you! Sometimes I’m just in the mood to flirt with someone(:
  • Everything is better when you add a little me 😉
  • Sexy isn’t a shape, its an ATTITUDE!
  • Hi, I’m ____ and I’m a flirtaholic. Its been 10 minutes since my last…Well aren’t you cute?, oh shoot!!
  • (-_-) Can u pliz cloze ur eyez 4 a minute. Plz thanx.. Did u feel how dark it was?? This will be my life without YOU..
  • You like sleeping? Me too
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