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  • When I m good… I m very good. When I m bad I m exceptional.
  • You are smirking because you think you know. I am laughing because you have no idea.
  • If you were my home work. I would do you every night.
  • Its really hard to wait for the right person in your life…especially when the wrong ones are so tempting.
  • Destiny may decide who touches my Life. My heart decides who touches my Soul. But…Tequila decides who touches my body.
  • I’m heading off to bed…gonna squeeze in as many inappropriate dreams as I can before my alarm interrupts.
  • Everyone enjoys a good flirt and sweet talking…Its just how you act on it that can get you into trouble.
  • I’m like a rare diamond… if your lucky enough to catch me.. don’t let me go… cause you won’t find another like me.
  • the sparkle in your eyes would make the stars jealous
  • Flirting is one thing, but falling is a whole other story!
  • If you can’t stand the heat, why play with fire?
  • Love me without Fear, Trust me without Restriction, Want me without Demand, Accept me how I am <3
  • I like you, You like me. So tell me…Why am I still single? <3
  • we talk;) we flirt we laugh but we just. friends mhmhmhmhm
  • You make me smile for no reason, yet I have every reason to smile about having you in my life.
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