Cool status

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  • I deserve the best, and I’m not going to stop till I get it!!!
  • have u ever had that one person say something that makes your whole day AMAZING!?!
  • The truth I can handle; it’s just the lies I can’t stand.
  • Proud to say I don’t need to be high or drunk to get through my day.. I can handle reality!!!
  • Sooner or later things will be different.. Better accept it now and be hurt.. For not all good things are meant to last.
  • Love , peace and respect, if you remember those words you can go everywhere…
  • If i give you my heart, don’t lose it. Because i don’t make spares.
  • Guys are nice when they’re alone, but when they’re around their friends, they’re all of a sudden too cool for you.
  • Why women are shorter than man? because when a man hugs a women she can listen to the beats of his heart.
  • Only God knows the truth and what’s on your heart.

List of cool status for whatsapp :

  • Being SINGLE is not about having NO ONE, but it’s an opportunity to have a bit of EVERYONE…
  • Jealousy in a man is a gift… In a girl it’s a disaster !!!
  • The best person who can help you out of your problems is the one you see in the mirror.
  • Weekends are like a paycheck, it takes forever to come and then it’s gone in the blink of an eye.
  • It’s better to lose like a winner than win like a loser.
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