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List of Best Whatsapp Status ever in english. Whatsapp status is the new way to express our feelings to the world. We have extremely latest and unique whatsapp status for you. We updated our Best Whatsapp Status post frequently, so in touch with us for getting new whatsapp status daily. Feel free to make it yours whatsapp and facebook status , it includes Attitude status , Funny status , Motivational status and many more. Also checkout our latest collection of love status.

  • Heart needs more time to accept, what mind already knows
  • No one understands the silence between my words..No one understands the sadness behind my smile…No one understands the unsaid feelings of mine…
  • Deserve Dream Explore:)
  • You Are That #Nothing When Someone Ask Me What I Am #Thinking
  • If Someone points out your mistake, Be Happy that atleast Someone is interested in your ‘Perfection and Success’….
  • Don’t limit your challenges; challenge your limits.
  • There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.
  • 3 Main rules in Relationships: Don`t lie, Don`t cheat, and Don`t make promises you can`t keep.

Best Whatsapp Status Collection

  • Better is to live life like a flower, short and meaningful, than like a cactus long and always hurting
  • I always dream of being a millionaire like my uncle!… He’s dreaming too.
  • I believe there should be a better way to start each day… instead of waking up every morning.
  • There are millions of languages in this world , but only a smile speaks them all …… B-)
  • Dream as if you’ll live forever. Live as if tomorrow is last one.

Unique Whatsapp Status & Quotes

  • I am like a circle in your life. You can’t corner me..
  • People will HATE YOU , RATE YOU , SHAKE YOU . But how powerful you stand that is what MAKES YOU ……. 😛
  • Save water drink beer, make girlfriend without fear …
  • If u can’t be a genius be a hard worker.
  • Yesterday = History. Tomorrow = Mistery. Today = Gift. That’s why it is called present.
  • Sometimes you have to stand alone to prove that you can still stand
  • ı м ρяσυ∂ σƒ мy нєαят” υ kησω ωнy.?? мαηy ρєσρłє ρłαyє∂ ωıтн ıт, łσѵє∂ ıт.. нυят ıт.. вяσkє ıт.. вυт sααłα αвнı внı мαsт cнαł янα н.