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If yes , you are in right place . Our wonderful Collection of Best Love Status set you amused and as well as cheer up. Love is the most adorable and fantastic feeling in the world. No one can explain the feelings when he/ she in love. 123whatsappstatus gives you the words or love status through which you can express your feelings and thoughts. Nowdays people want to set their whatsapp status to show their love feelings towards the someone special or to the whole world. Our list of Best Love Status & Quotes helps you to find the proper lines, quotes that you can share with your beloved ones and feel them special. So , don’t waste your time now take a look of the top best love status here .

  • I don’t know what to feel anymore! Should I feel happy that you are my friend or should I feel sad that I am not your lover!
  • if you really love a person.. you won’t get tired of expressing it to her no matter how far you are to each other…
  • God created world in 7 days … but my love story is still “work in progress” !!!
  • The worst battle is the one that goes on between your heart and your mind.You never know which one to listen to..
  • I didn’t think it was possible to steal something as big as my heart but obviously you managed to do it.
  • Love , peace and respect, if you remember those words you can go everywhere…
  • If i give you my heart, don’t lose it. Because i don’t make spares.

Best Love Status checkout this list :

  • Wonders why it’s so hard to let the one you love go, but so easy to let them keep hurting you!!!
  • why is it that when I’m not with you, I wish I was so I can talk to you, but when I am with you, I never know what to say?
  • Love always ends for a reason and leaves with a lesson.
  • maybe I’m too late to be your FIRST LOVE, BUT IN MY CASE RIGHT NOW, I’m just preparing myself to be your LAST….

Best Love Quotes for Whatsapp & FB

  • FOREVER is the biggest lie ever..
  • When love is true, it will always find a way….
  • The most painful thing isn’t to be alone, but to be forgotten by someone you can’t forget…
  • Email and texts will never replace hearing a voice or seeing a face.
  • Sometimes you just need to stop looking for love completely. And when you least expect it, you’ll find someone worthwhile.

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