Angry Status, Best Angry Quotes

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We have angry status and angry quotes collection for non caring persons. Are you angry on someone? Set a whatsapp status showing your anger. Best curation of statuses for madness and anger. Our one liner mad angry status for boyfriend, for girlfriends and for brother sister to show your attitude are the best you will ever need.

Angry Status

  • The day I walked into your life was the best day of YOUR life, the day I walk out will be the best day in MINE!
  • Just really wants to punch someone really hard, until they feel how much I am hurting on the inside!
  • It’s frustrating when you are so upset, and the one who upset you acts like it’s not a big deal!
  • A good mood is like a balloon, one stupid little prick is all it takes to completely ruin it!!!
  • ANGER is one letter short of dANGER, take a deep breath don’t let your words become danger…
  • Hate when someone acts like your so important in their lives but once they get what they want its like you don’t even exist!
  • Remember one thing… you MIGHT be a player, but I AM THE GAME!!
  • Don’t judge me unless you have walked the life I did and understand the experience of my heart.
  • I wish I could delete people out of my memory, like I can delete them off of my friends list…
  • Go ahead and push me…and you will SOON come to realize exactly why they call me crazy..
  • If you can’t handle the truth, Don’t ask my opinion because i will tell you exactly what i think.

Angry Quotes

  • I don’t understand how a person can say I love you but then turn around and break your heart and act like it was nothing
  • don’t let the ending be so ugly that you can’t remember how beautiful the beginning was.
  • I’m not crazy, I’m misunderstood!! & I don’t need anger management, I need people to stop pissing me off!!
  • Sometimes people should shut up if they don’t have anything positive to say.
  • The most difficult phase of your life is not when no one understands you; it`s when you don`t understand yourself.
  • I hate that feeling when everyone around me is in a relationship and I`m awkwardly sitting there like: “..I love my dog
  • I always wonders how can i block people in real life…!
  • two faced people are hard to deal with, which face to slap first is a hard decision
  • Don’t you hate it when you’re about to kiss someone really sexy and then you go and bump your head on the mirror.!
  • Some people need to get a life. Not ruin other peoples life.
  • listen to what is said when some one is angry. that’s when the truth comes out..

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