Angry Status, Best Angry Quotes

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We have angry status and angry quotes collection for non caring persons. Are you angry on someone? Set a whatsapp status showing your anger. Best curation of statuses for madness and anger. Our one liner mad angry status for boyfriend, for girlfriends and for brother sister to show your attitude are the best you will ever need.

Angry Status

  • If you don’t like my statuses, then either hide me or get the fuck off my page! I am not here to please anyone, least of all you!
  • Isn’t it amazing how others want to blame you? For their mistakes!
  • My heart is no longer red, but black. No longer warm, but cold. No longer filled with love, but hatred. I just don’t care anymore.
  • Some days I can handle more shit than others, today is not one of those days!
  • really wishes that people understood that NO means matter what
  • I’m so pissed off right now even the devil is saying whats her problem
  • if you think i’m bad now, just wait to see how i am when i actually show my feelings rather than hiding them.
  • Its one of those days, I’m not in the mood. Step back , Shut up , and Beware.!
  • Is DONE! caring, feeling and giving a shit. whats the point…
  • How is it that something that has nothing to do with me, is yet, still my fault and i keep getting the blame for?
  • I don’t have anger problems… Or a tone… You just annoy me so I have to talk louder for you to hear me.
  • Fuck forgiveness i want to beat the bitch!

Angry Quotes

  • I don’t need anger management classes, I just need all the stupid people to go away… Problem solved!
  • Lord give me patience because if you gave me strength I’d slap a bitch
  • I don’t need Anger management, I manage my anger how I see fit at any given moment..
  • I am not violent I just express my anger very well.
  • I am just full of anger held under by a thin line that is slowly wearing down and I don’t know how much longer until I explode.
  • The “ONLY” people I need in my life are the People that need me in theirs…Friends come an go…TRUE ones Stay…
  • Persons who have turned their backs on the one who has always been beside you, you will soon find that you’re beside yourself.
  • Life is to short to let other people get to you, If they can’t handle who I am then I don’t need them in my life!
  • They always say boys are stupid, but aren’t girls just as stupid for falling for stupid boys.
  • earlier I thought anger management might be worth looking into, then I realized management is what is making me angry
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