Angry Status, Best Angry Quotes

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We have angry status and angry quotes collection for non caring persons. Are you angry on someone? Set a whatsapp status showing your anger. Best curation of statuses for madness and anger. Our one liner mad angry status for boyfriend, for girlfriends and for brother sister to show your attitude are the best you will ever need.

Angry Status

  • Oh buddy…go n buy personality b4 talkng to me
  • M short tempered BuT big hearted lover
  • Less people you chill with, less bullsh*t you deal with.
  • Always doing the same things, which I hate most!
  • Hate is great.. because it can make you achieve everything.
  • Life is a Bitch until u r rich
  • tit for tat
  • Keep calm & rakho apne kam se kam
  • You remind me my chinese friend UG LEE
  • some people are alive only because its illegal to kill them
  • I hate the haters, who hate love…

Angry Quotes

  • May my enemies live long to see my success
  • Be peaceful at heart
  • More expectations break relations
  • Forget what hurt you, but never what it taught you. !!
  • If d pple likz u…ask dem to raise der handz othrwise ask dem raise der standard…;-)
  • The hardest part of a business is minding your own
  • I Hate u Because I Love you, I Know You Love Me But your ego stopped You.
    • I’ve got five fingers ,,|,, the middle is yours.
    • I don’t Know, How People Can Fake whole Relationship. I can’t even fake a hello to Sombody. I DON’T LIKE
    • I’m not arguing, I’m just explaining why I’m right.
    • when we are angry Our Text Speed increase by ridiculous speed

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